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The Smart Bitcoin Investor is a weekly report, published as a PDF. It is made for Bitcoin traders and investors.

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An important topic of this newsletter is Decentralized Finance (DeFi) on Bitcoin, especially via RSK Smart Contracts, and other second layer solutions such as the Lightning Network, Liquid or RGB. In every issue we cover this exciting new area of finance.

About 80% of the newsletter consist of data analyses for Bitcoin traders and investors, such as technical indicators, open interest and positions of market participants.

This is how it looks (PDF, 24 pages)

The editorial core team consists of Aaron Koenig, a long term Bitcoin activist and author of several books about Bitcoin, and Wolfgang Fallmann, an early crypto adopter, software developer, Bitcoin trader and book author.

The Smart Bitcoin Investor is published by

Lamboluna LLC
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It is supported by the Smart Bitcoin Alliance and IOV Labs.